L’alsace, Paris


This is a 21 x 16 pastel painting looking into the L’alsace restaurant. The painting is a combination of the brightly lit interior and the reflections outside.

L’alsace is a well-known restaurant on the Champs-Elysees, Paris.

The work has been done on to Fisher 400 Art Pastel Paper. The technique involves building layers of watercolour onto the surface and then working over the top in pastels and pencils.


The work will sent unframed in a heavy duty roll. Don’t be worried that the work is sent unframed. This means that delivery is free ( anywhere), it arrives safely and you can chose your own frame. You do not even have to handle the painting. I will provide detailed instructions. All you have to do is take the roll to your local framer, chose your own frame and he will do the rest. If you require further information regarding this painting please ask, I will respond quickly.

But……. if the work is collected from the gallery the frame its displayed in

is FREE.

Price: £350.00
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