This is a 25″ x 18″ study of a cafe scene in Paris.  It could be a number of restaurants but is in fact La Pregrille.  The work has been done on Fisher 400 art paper. The technique involves layering the paper in black and white acrylic paint and then working over the top in pastels and Faber-Castell Polychromo pencils.

The work is sent unframed and will arrive in a heavy duty roll. It is sent unframed because of the difficulty in sending work that has glass in the frame. This means you can choose your own frame and mount, it is less expensive, arrives quickly and safely and delivery is FREE anywhere. All you have to do is take it in the roll to the framer and he will do the rest.

The images here have been photographed in natural daylight with a pro camera and every effort has been made to make sure the tones are correct.
However, if you would like to see further close up images or would like further information please ask and I will reply quickly.

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Price: £375.00
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