This is a 31″ x 24″ pastel on Sennelier Board of a trotter exercising on the beach in Deauville.

The work will arrive in a heavy duty roll and P/P is free to UK buyers

Pastel paintings glow with an intensely luminous colour and have a rich velvety texture. This is because pastel powder is pure pigment!
Pastels never crack, yellow, darken or fade over time. When framed and hung the particles will stay fixed in place for centuries.
However, pastels must be framed securely under glass. This is the reason I send them, in a heavy duty roll, unframed.

Don’t be worried that the work is sent unframed. This reduces the cost of the painting/delivery and also means it arrives safely. You do not even have to handle the painting. I will provide detailed instructions . All you have to do is take the roll to your local framer, chose your own frame and he will do the rest.
Please feel free to ask me any questions about any concerns you might have.

Signed Limited Edition prints ( approx 20″ x 16″) are also available – £65.00

Price: £350.00
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